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PlantResponse joins the US Biostimulant Coalition

January 25, 2019

PlantResponse™, with US headquarters in Raleigh, NC, has joined the US Biostimulant Coalition, the leading organization representing the interests of the North American biostimulant industry . This association aims to standardize, regulate and promote the use of biostimulants in the United States.

PlantResponse believes that the US agricultural sector urgently needs an appropriate regulatory framework for plant biostimulant products to ensure the efficient and appropriate review, approval, uniform national labeling, and availability of these products to agricultural producers. An improved regulatory process for biostimulants will enable an effective and efficient registration and review process that will benefit all stakeholders, stimulate continued innovation and development, and increase the understanding of the benefits these sustainable products bring to farmers and growers, as well as consumers.

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill, signed into law on December 20, 2018, provided the first statutory language about plant biostimulants at the federal level. This is the first law in the United States to recognize the importance of plant biostimulants as an emerging technology for agriculture.

Following this major step towards a harmonized and clear framework, the main objective of the Biostimulant Coalition is to contribute to the development of terms and definitions around “biostimulants” that are agreeable to industry and that effectively explain, describe and allow for their proper recognition by regulatory bodies.

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