The Innovative SME Seal aims to showcase SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that have developed innovative solutions to technical and environmental problems.

Innovation is essential factor in economic growth, occupying a prominent place in European and national policies. It is understood as one of the keys to job creation, medium-term growth, productivity and ultimately greater competitiveness. Innovation is the tool meet the challenges of today’s society.

PlantResponse™ is proud to receive this acknowledgement from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness to be listed in the Registry of Innovative SMEs, created in 2015. The Innovative SME Seal is committed to strengthening technology and innovation while promoting and empowering SMEs to generate novel solutions.

Since PlantResponse was founded in 2008, innovation has been one of its fundamental pillars. We are committed to innovation as the main driver for developing new technologies and new products.  Our R&D team strives to develop the best solutions for crop management. This award recognizes our daily efforts to improve our contribution to the agricultural community.

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