PlantResponse™ is exclusively developing a novel technology based on a newly discovered symbiotic plant microorganism association between an endophytic fungus and plants, recently published in the prestigious journal CELL.

This breakthrough is the result of a collaboration between researchers from the Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas (CBGP, Madrid, Spain) and the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (Cologne, Germany). It is based on the formation of a natural mutualistic association between an endophytic fungus, Colletotrichum tofieldiae (Ct), and the host plant which results in increased production of fruits and seeds compared to colonized control plants.

Ct colonizes the plants through the roots and travels to the tissues above ground. It transfers the macronutrient phosphorus to shoots, promoting plant growth and increasing fertility under phosphorus-deficient conditions.

PlantResponse is developing products based on this type of plant-microbe association that will contribute significantly to sustainable agriculture, since this symbiosis promotes plant growth and yield, and so is expected to decrease the need for inorganic fertilizers.

PlantResponse is currently using its proprietary Fast-Track platform to develop a Ct-derived product for different target crops. The company has exclusive patent license rights of exploitation and commercialization, and the product will reach the global agricultural market in the coming years.

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