On September 18, 2019 AGROPAL, one of the largest cooperatives in Spain, and Tierras, a specialized journal in professional agriculture, organized the VI Seminar on Cereals in Castilla y León Region. The objective of the conference was to provide knowledge and the latest cereal developments to improve its productivity and efficiency.

Our EMEA Director, Francisco Javier García Domínguez, presented the influence and importance of the biotechnology research in the development of a sustainable agricultural production, one of the most key topics discussed during the conference.

This event is one of the most relevant meetings of the year for the cereal sector in Spain, and this time gathered more than 400 participants, including cooperative members, farmers and top agricultural experts.


AGROPAL Grupo Alimentario is a cooperative of Castilla y León Region with more than 8,000 members and partners, and specialized in cereals, fertilizers, plant protection products, seeds and eco-fuels.

To learn more about AGROPAL, please visit: www.agropalsc.com

About Francisco Javier García Domínguez

Francisco Javier is an expert on crop protection, with more than 12 years of experience. He worked for Dow AgroSciences for almost 10 years, in both R&D and commercial positions. He has solid technical expertise and is skilled in managing projects, launching new concepts, product positioning, and leading teams. He is used to bringing in new business opportunities and is focused on understanding market trends and customer needs. Francisco Javier leads PlantResponse in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and is responsible for commercial strategy and business development.