Plants face both abiotic and biotic stresses that compromise their productivity. Plant’s adaptation to these stresses is complex and involves numerous physiological, molecular, and cellular changes. PlantResponse™ has developed innovative technologies that help plants to overcome adverse conditions, focusing on these basal responses at molecular level and modulating their regulatory pathways. Plant Innate Immunity, on which PlantResponse focuses, is a natural and robust resistance mechanism against stress.

After discovery, at PlantResponse we concentrate our efforts on product development including stable formulations that are systematically validated in our greenhouses and open field facilities, as well as in international growers’ facilities over multiple years and on multiple crops. These formulations are diligently registered worldwide.

Preventive application of our products enhances plant’s natural stress resistance, and stimulates biological processes inside the plant that lead to improved health and growth.

Our Fast-Track platform efficiently transforms discoveries into reliable products

Concern around the environmental footprint, increasing regulatory constraints and societal demands for a safer and environmentally friendly agriculture, offer PlantResponse a unique opportunity to bring lasting benefit to the agricultural community through our innovative technology.