Cybelion® has been approved as an organic input by FiBL, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Germany, and can be used by Demeter growers.

Demeter is the first ecological certification agency and is the most recognized organization worldwide for biodynamic agriculture. FiBL is the organization that manages the database of agricultural inputs of Demeter International. It is aligned with the comprehensive verification process of the International Demeter Production and Processing Standards.

In the certification process, Cybelion® was evaluated by FiBL according to Demeter standards and to the EU regulations on organic farming (Reg. EC 834/2007 and 889/2008).

With this new certification, Cybelion® becomes an exclusive tool for the most innovative growers. To date, only 106 plant aids and additives have been approved conforming to Demeter standards. From now on, Cybelion® can be used by Demeter farmers and processors in biodynamic agricultural systems all around the world. Biodynamic agriculture is a form of alternative agriculture very similar to organic farming, but more restrictive of the inputs allowed. It uses unique management practices intended to restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony in the fields.

About Demeter

Demeter is the brand for products from Biodynamic Agriculture, founded in 1997, and is the first organic body to produce standards for food processing. After 20 years in existence, Demeter International represents more than 5,000 Demeter farmers, with over 180,000 hectares in 54 countries.

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About FiBL

FiBL is an independent, non-profit research institute with the aim of advancing cutting-edge science in the field of organic agriculture.

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