PlantResponse™ research programs are designed to guarantee the best results. We take advantage of an extensive experience in building bridges between academic researchers and industry and work to bring exciting discoveries from the lab to the market.

Our wide range of services to researchers includes product development and research to acquire solid Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and opportunities to license innovative technologies through our global industrial network.

Unique competitive advantages

  • Own innovative technology
  • Cutting-edge high throughput platform and access to the latest state of the art equipment
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Knowledge of growers’ and farmer’s needs
  • Capacity to bring research from lab to the grower through field and greenhouse trials
  • Experienced team and international collaborations
  • Excellent scientific collaborations with some of the best European research groups

Great opportunity to export our success from Spain

Our Competitive Advantages: great opportunity to export our success from Spain