Antonio Francesko

Formulation Manager

With a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a BS in Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Antonio is a scientist with 10 years’ experience in the academic and private sectors. Throughout his career he has developed composite materials and formulations from bioactive polymers, engineering biopolymer-based complex mixtures and developing ways to functionalize them using different active agents. His scientific activities are reflected in more than 25 peer-reviewed articles and participation in 10 research and industry-driven projects both nationally and internationally.

At PlantResponse™, Antonio focuses on formulating and testing new product candidates from the lab through final development and commercial sales. He oversees optimizing product formulations to increase their efficacy and to improve plant and seed delivery rates, and he coordinates storage and usage issues such as shelf life, stability, and photosensitivity.

Antonio enjoys spending time with his family and is passionate about team sports… due to his lack of talent for individual ones!

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