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ADAMA Spain and Plant Response™ announce a new distribution agreement for the Biostimulant Neptunion®

June 22, 2020

ADAMA and Plant Response™ signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the biostimulant Neptunion®. ADAMA Spain will distribute the product developed by Plant Response™.

Neptunion® is a biostimulant product, which enhances plant tolerance to seasonal abiotic stress conditions, such as drought, thermal stress, or salinity. The active ingredient in Neptunion® is novel in the agricultural space. This active performs as an osmoregulant, and when applied on the crop, helps to maintain its physiological and metabolic processes, mitigating the harmful consequences of abiotic stress conditions. Its unique mode of action favours preserving yield potential and enhancing the general status of the crop. Neptunion® has been specifically formulated to increase its compatibility in mixtures with other crop protection products, and is designed for foliar applications and fertigation. Its efficacy is proven both in dicots and monocots species.

Francisco Javier García Domínguez, EMEA Director of Plant Response™, highlights: “nowadays, thanks to the huge advances in knowledge in recent decades in areas such as molecular biology, genomic, or bioinformatics, we have a better understanding of plant physiological processes and are able to identify biomolecules that answer some of the challenges we face in agriculture today. Mitigation of abiotic stress is usually overlooked in crop management. Today, we can offer effective and sustainable solutions that help maximize yield potential, both in a quantitative and in a qualitative way, increasing profitability for growers. Plant Response™ once again chose ADAMA as a strategic partner for commercializing and developing innovative biotechnological products”.

ADAMA includes Neptunion® under its new brand “Verde Vivo” and highlight their satisfaction with this new agreement. As Jaime Robredo (Marketing Director for Spain) points out, “this new exclusivity agreement with Plant Response is due to ADAMA’s ability to understand customer needs, find the most appropriate solutions and offer them to growers. To achieve this goal, we count on the support of Plant Response, a company with a strong biotechnological base. This allows us to place differentiated products in the market, pursuing specific objectives and providing added value to growers. Neptunion® covers an important gap in the new project “Verde Vivo”, placing us on the front line to meet new challenges in EU agriculture.”

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