PlantResponse™ attended the Bioeconomy conferences co-organized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), which took place in Madrid on 18 and 24 May, and 15 June.

The cycle of conferences was framed within the 2016 Action Plan of the Spanish Strategy on Bioeconomy, aimed at contributing to developing the bioeconomy as an essential part of economic activity, in the framework of the Circular Economy.

The goal of these conferences was to expand knowledge about the bioeconomy and the possibilities of financing initiatives for this field, in order to create a network of contacts and experts involved in the bioeconomy who can help develop this production model optimally.

The Bioeconomy conferences brought together around 300 participants from public administration (including representatives of the European Commission), universities and private organizations.

The first conference was an introductory session about the bioeconomy, including vision and objectives at EU level.

The second conference addressed the different sectors in the bioeconomy, including animal health, bioeconomy in rural areas, in food production and in the marine environment, and also how the bioeconomy can lead the production of bio-products and bioenergy.

The third and fourth conferences dealt with public and private funding opportunities, including both European funding alternatives and regional funding options at Spanish level.

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