PlantResponse™ attended the presentation of the ASEBIO Annual Report that took place in Madrid on July 5.

The ASEBIO Report 2015 gathers the trends and the current condition of the biotech sector in Spain. The educational level of workers and the exports and internationalization of companies are nowadays the key vectors for biotechnology development, while the high costs of innovation and long-term profitability are the main barriers. This year’s report highlights also the increase in support from public administration and the positive changes in regulations affecting the sector.

After two years of contraction, during 2014 investment in R&D by private biotech companies returned to positive growth (€533.8 million). Over the last year the biotechnology sector grew in turnover, which reached 10.35% of GDP (€107,788 million in 2014), an increase of 13.28% over the previous year. The evolution of this sector since 2008 has been significant, since it then accounted for only 2.98% of GDP. Today, the turnover of the Spanish biotechnology sector exceeds 10% of GDP, the same level as the tourism sector.

ASEBIO and PlantResponse™

ASEBIO is the Spanish Bioindustry Association. It brings together companies, associations, foundations, universities, research and technology centers that carry out activities directly or indirectly related to biotechnology in Spain. PlantResponse™ is an ASEBIO member since 2012.

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